Upgrade Council Constitution

I think we should have a constitution or a set of a principles we have to follow with the Program Upgrade Council. I’ve had this in the back of my mind for a while, but couldn’t really formalize any specific rules. But with the chaos from the Solend situation, people are probably wondering how much safety they really have on Mango. So now seems like a good time to attempt a constitution or set of binding principles the Council should abide by.

Here’s the DAO proposal that authorized the upgrade council and the 7 members’ identities: Realms

The main reason we have the Council is to patch exploits without going through a public, 3 day governance vote. We have also used it to add features or take emergency action to patch a dangerous situation we didn’t anticipate in development (like a token going to literal 0 in a day). The objective is to get rid of the Council when the program is sufficiently stable. Perhaps we can also clarify what that even means.

Any help with brainstorming would be appreciated!