Token listing stSOL

Hi hi! I am Ivan from Lido on Solana team. My proposal is to use stSOL on Mango.

Lido is the leader in cross chain liquid staking (when measured by TVL) with a priority in contributing to ecosystem improvement, increasing blockchain decentralization, and making staking beneficial for all the participants on every chain where it has launched.(Ethereum, Solana, Kusama, Polygon)
Liquid staking on Solana is built around Lido’s stSOL token, a liquid token variant — similar to stETH — that allows users to passively earn staking rewards without needing to run their own validator infrastructure. stSOL can also be integrated into Solana DeFi platforms to allow for added DeFi use cases (e.g. additional yield, collateral in lending protocols, etc) whilst allowing stakers to retain their staking rewards.

In summary, stSOL lets users:

  • Earn staking rewards immediately upon depositing, without maintaining complex infrastructure or waiting periods
  • Unstake at any time by swapping on the secondary market
  • Stake with a diverse set of the industry’s leading validators
  • Participate in the emerging Solana DeFi ecosystem whilst continuing to earn staking rewards

Adoption : stSOL is available in SOL/USDC/USDT/ETH/BTC and other pairs across the Solana ecosystem(AMMs: Orca, Raydium, Saber, Aldrin). stSOL is also used as collateral on lending protocols: Port, Larix, Solend.
Liquidity and APYs Our TVL in Solana 107,41M USD Solana TVL - DefiLlama (on 31 of May 2022)
Security : audits from Quantstamp, MixBytes and Sigmaprime:
Stats : open statistics Dune Analytics

Current benefits : By supplying stSol as collateral on Mango Markets, traders will be able to borrow against stSOL.

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