Token Listing COPE

A recent poll via the Mango Markets twitter account resulted in a majority of twitter users being really excited about Mango listing COPE.

It has the 8th highest weekly volume of the for mango relevant Serum markets (USDC denominated). It has a very active community and it’s holders are often targeted with airdrops. Below you see an aggregate statistic that was measured over the last 7 days.

  1. Number of trades in X/USDC Serum Market
  2. Number of open orders accounts
  3. Volume in USD


COPE is available on FTX as well as zT but can not be used as collateral for leverage trading in any other venue. We see $120k within 5% of the mid on average.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.47.07 PM

I’d recommend to list COPE with strict margin requirements: 2x initial leverage, 4x maintenance leverage as well as a liquidation fee of 12.5%.

Token Specs - Mango Markets


Looks good to me. Do we know how airdrops will work if users put their COPE into mango? I guess that’s something Cyrii has to figure out


Definitely List Cope it’s one of the best token on Solana and has the best ever Crypto Community and a lot of holders which are rewarded periodically and the Dev is super special and loved all over the Community.


Cyrii (project founder) has confirmed that those using COPE as collateral on Mango will still receive airdrops:

+1 on listing COPE!

seems like it’s on par with MNGO and therefore should inherit the same risk parameters, if it were listed

Or increase MNGO params pepe laser eyes emoji

COPE is a literal meme coin, don’t see why this should be added. If the criteria for listing is “it has a discord with a bunch of shills” then it will win hands down. But if the criteria is it needs to be an actually traded coin with solid metrics, maybe not.

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‘COPE is a literal meme coin’ In a sense I agree (I mean it’s called COPE :laughing:) but they have added a lot of value and users to the Sol ecosystem since the project started. A large - and more importantly highly active - community will surely bring significantly more volume to Mango Markets.

Listing tokens with no volume or project like COPE is dumb when you have limited slots. Voted no.