Token List AVAX

think people want AVAX-PERP


Yessir would love AVAX-PERP

For AVAX would be good if we can have the SPL token for it as well. Can you look into whether there’s a wormhole wrapped AVAX on Solana yet?

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AVAX is my number 1 to add next. Great potential to excite some defi users from Avalanche to hedge LP on different traderjoe AMM farms. I’d also like to request a small budget (10k MNGO) for running a meme contest related to trading strategies involving AVAX perp.


there’s not yet but i messaged the wormhole people wen

edit: see below, there is

You can bridge AVAX using Allbridge and there’s an AVAX/USDC pool on Orca


thanks, I’ll bug serum to make a market

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liquidity it starting to increase for this

the sol>avax bridge works well

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Wormhole is planning to launch a token bridge for AVAX in the next 4 weeks. No recommendation to wait from my side, really want to launch this quickly, but we should make sure to use the most liquid spot market possible, so market makers can hedge and keep the quotes tight. I’d like to start a vote for this on Friday. I’ll start separate votes for spot & perp market so that we can decided if we want to list one or both.

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AVAX would be a great add as there looks to be a lot of overlap in user base. Having a spot market for this one is probably pretty important too. I think Mango will be able to on-board more AVAX users if they could use it as collateral to get even more.

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