Sponsorship for athensDAO

Grape protocol is organizing a DAO themed hacker house in Athens and reached out to me if Mango DAO can sponsor the event. They also sent over a deck AthensDAO_-_Deck.pdf - Google Drive.

To me the event is a good way to excite people in the wider solana community, to build on top of Mango’s DAO infrastructure and improve it’s ability to effectively manage the treasury. It will also be a good way to connect with the growing DAO & NFT communities, that are already onboarded to Solana and hence create more awareness for Mango being the only community governed trading platform. Hence I think it’s worth the consideration of a sponsorship from a Marketing viewpoint.

Personally, I am planning to meet up with Sebastian, Adrian, Wizzy and dawgydawg in Athens on our own account, to work together on governance improvements, independent of the DAO sponsoring the event or not.


This makes sense to me. Even independent of the marketing benefit, encouraging others to build DAO tools and advance the DAO ecosystem on Solana would be quite helpful to Mango. Currently it seems Mango devs are forced to build new DAO tools from scratch whereas preferably the ecosystem would already have those established.

I think the Silver ($10k) makes the most sense with another $10-25k in funding for hackathon bounties. Premium sponsorship ($25k) probably fine too though VIP ($50k) seems excessive since I don’t think we really need the marketing help amongst this constituency. I would rather direct those extra dollars to governance tool bounties that can directly help the protocol.

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There’s more to marketing than can be easily measured in the financials of a business (eg, building up goodwill in the community that could be valuable if there were to be an exploit, etc.), but it would be interesting to see if sponsoring events like this is directly driving any new users to the platform (I’d guess the answer is a resounding “no”). Presumably, anybody spending the time and money to participate in a Solana DAO event in Greece is very aware of Mango.

How difficult would it be for the DAO to set up ref links to measure the impact of stuff like this? I’d assume the results would be very underwhelming, especially because of how cheap it is for potential power users to acquire their own ref link, but I think it could be useful in future decision making (personally, I’d guess these events add very little quantifiable value).

Similarly, and maybe this would warrant a new thread entirely, what about a DAO competition to see which DAO can onboard the most users / generate the most taker perp volume? Winning DAO receives $10k (or MNGO, etc.), and they have the potential for future revenues from the ref link.