Solana Ignition Hackathon Prizes

I’m sure everyone working on Mango is super excited about this next Solana hackathon. Seems like a bunch of interesting products could come out of Ignition and some are even incorporating Mango in some way into their own projects, which is really cool and exciting to see. :star_struck:

For those that don’t know, The mango protocol actually first sprouted from a Solana hackathon, the first one. Since then, Mango has grown tremendously in both community and contributors.

Mango is proud to be a sponsor of ignition and excited to see what comes out of this one. We are currently slotted as a sponsored prize to give 30k to the hackathon. It seems only fitting that we support the roots from whence we came, except in true Mango fashion.

I propose we give more than expected. :eyes:

Attracting talented developers is one of the hardest challenges in a space full of opportunities. It’s in our self-interest to show that Mango isn’t stingy with pay/compensation, that what we pay for is quality and commitment to the project rather than worry about the money.

  • I propose we award the 3 top projects incorporating the Mango protocol into their submissions.
    • 50k (first)
    • 25k (second)
    • 15k (third)

In order to keep a fair and unbiased opinion, I propose we bring in current investors and prominent community members to judge the Mango-related submissions. I propose 5 judges of the current Mango community contributors and investors:

  1. Kyle Semani, from Multicoin Capital
  2. Armani Ferrante, from Serum & Anchor
  3. Dave, from CMS Holdings
  4. Skynet, building Solana J
  5. Myself, core-contributor

Give more, attract more, whoever we award this to could become more thriving members in our little community. We can fund this through a few different ways like DAO treasury, Protocol fees, or the Sale funds. I’ll let that be a part of the discussion though.


Is there a list of projects that are currently signed up for this category?

We had a bunch of projects present during the last dev-meetup, but we expect more teams to be building in silence (over 5000 developers are registered).

I have no problem with Mango giving more if the projects deserve it, just don’t want to be in a situation that Mango feels like they need to give money away to projects that aren’t deserving.


We should be very generous, but have a very high bar. Since the very first version we have been trying to provide the best trading experience on Solana and our success is rooted in this commitment.

I don’t think all products rewarded by the DAO need to cater to the same persona, but the submissions need to show a dedication to quality. After all Mango has been so far about great products & attention to detail and I wish for the brand to continue in this way.

Let me rehash a bit the process the core contributors have been following so far: The inspiration for any mango product usually is informed by a power-user perspective on the best products in the market. It’s a a mix and match of different qualities combined with the curiosity to try a new idea.

We take pride in crafting the best user experience possible and always desire to build a better product. Each iteration is of course always a conscious compromise, as time to market and velocity are important in a fast moving space. You can follow this line in everything the Mango DAO accomplished so far: the different Mango Markets versions as well as the initial cap offering and the real token sale. A few teams already have taken those as inspiration and re-used the code for their own projects.

Open source has always been a condition for a submission to the Solana hackathon. Unfortunately most teams have won prices and worked on products that were never open sourced. As a builder myself, I understand that there are issues with publishing the source code of a project, before launching on mainnet or before someone else reviewed it. But for the DAO I wish that we will not be content with lip service and hold back funds until the project is open sourced.

At the same time, we should support these teams to get there as quickly as possible. So far we have been successful to get the best programmers in the solana ecosystem to review Mango, and I would personally like to give back to the community and offer free smart contract reviews for any project applying for grants from the DAO.

If there are not enough projects that meet the judges bar, the funds should obviously be returned. But I doubt it.


  1. quality needs to be really good, not just average
  2. team needs to open source
  3. happy to help with smart contract reviews

Mango Heroes will definitely be sharing our code for the NFT mint process as well as NFT leaderboard we are working on. The team is working on getting something out by the end of this week for that.

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Something I think would be good to encourage would be the usage of, and improvements to existing code for Solana/Serum/Mango, or the creation of useful tools that compliment the core products.

I think if we can somehow incentivize folks to put up PR’s to things like mango-client, pyserum/solanapy, solanaj, solana-go etc… for bugfixes/implementing “toDo’s”/enhanced testing/documentation by somehow giving some "bonus points’ for things like good merged PR’s vs something that forks it and never merges back their improvements.

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