RPC Compensation for Triton One -- 20220129

The current balance due is $53,580.00 and breaks down as follows:

A prior payment of $32,400 is currently stuck inside of Circle Internet Financial and has not been deposited into our account. The payment was made from an inner instruction by the Mango Governance program and Circle cannot parse the TX in order to complete the deposit. The Circle engineers say they will fix the problem, but we still haven’t received the money after 90 days. See Solscan

The remaining balance due is $21,180 and that will cover the other invoices through Jan 31, 2022.

We have a new USDC address EGboznfwLbc95DtSEhLVxZ53uH6thgpsqr3LC3oJptTf (not with Circle). Please try a small test transaction first and wait for me to confirm receipt! After I confirm, send the remainder up to $21,180.00

Thanks for your business,

Brian Long
Triton One Limited

P.S. There will be another invoice going out on February 1, 2022.