Reimbursement 2022

Over the course of the year I incurred expenses related to contributing to Mango DAO, surpassing 75,000 USDC, which I would like to reclaim from the DAO. For 2023 most of these expenses won’t reoccur, I would estimate less than half due to efficiency gains in cloud infrastructure usage.

I am happy to provide a detailed breakdown to other people privately, who want to volunteer to review, but would not want to mention all items publicly due to operational security concerns. All expenses in EUR have been converted to USD according to the ECB’s monthly reference rate for each month.

The high level break down is:

Total: $77,626.14
Infrastructure: $61,101.40
Software used by many contributors: $6,681.82
Software used only by me: $836.83
Visit of various events (breakpoint & 5 hacker houses): $8,851.15
USDC conversion (20bps): $154.94

All of this was of course without prior approval, so I welcome any comments and criticism, even if I get stuck on some of the cost here, I’m happy if I get something re-imbursed at least partially and there’s clarity going forward about what is not worth for the DAO to expense.