Reduce governance limits

I’d like to propose to further reduce some of the limits related to administrating Mango DAO, so that a wider range of contributors can easily access those and I can be relieved of this duty. The current parameters can be accessed here:

  1. Most decisions should be accessible to anyone with 100,000 MNGO
    Currently those are:
    a) propose mango v3 liquidity incentives / market listing
    b) propose USDC grants
    I’d like to add:
    c) propose MNGO grants (currently at 1,000,000 MNGO)
    d) propose mSOL grants (not available yet)

  2. All DAO administrative options should be accessible with 7,500,000 MNGO, so Adrian can makes those proposals without my involvement
    e) create new governances (currently at 10,000,000 MNGO)
    f) upgrade the governance program (currently at 10,000,000 MNGO)
    g) appoint new developer council members (currently at 1,000,000 MNGO)


I’m fully in favor of this.

As the DAO membership grows and Mango expands, ever more administration will be required. It makes a lot of sense to let these function be opened up to more members of the DAO to reduce that burden and let builders, build.


I also support this proposal.

Very interested to see how the MNGO and mSOL grant programs evolve from here, assuming this passes. My hope is that it will let builders focus more on building as @ImpossiblePairs said, but also encourage even more devs to come build on top of Mango.

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That’s inspiring to see how your governance evolves. Some day we will get there too!