Public analytic dashboard please if possible


you guys have access to the

The current Metabase dashboard does only display v2 data:

New queries need to take into account perp markets


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I understand Metabase is not a free lunch but

Would mind please giving a public version if possible?
like grafana or power bi

other protocols such as tulip or aleph or parrot give public analytics
The youtube dev call zoom in 480p is visual unusable
This is not what we came or sign for
But the dev call is ok, thank you for showing up

For example the mim one


if not possible I won’t argue or bother, I will just usdt usdc ust move on with my life
Thank you

V3 dashboard is publicly available here Metabase


Appreciate you sharing the Report for Abracadabra, really like their structure and transparency, I can see how the mango dashboard can improve here. In case you are looking to answer a specific question, please let everyone know.

you can join the bi-weekly dev call live on zoom 4pm utc, if you want the highest fidelity experience.

Thank you for sharing the nice V3 dashboard on Metabase

A great resource if you’re looking for data @Bill-Hw