Proposal to fund content/marketing piece for Mango

Hello, fellow fruit fanatics!

So, Mango has been building and paving its own way in this ever growing industry since the DAO’s inception, and now with the upcoming release of V4, all the DAO tooling the team has been working on, we want to start creating quality evergreen style content to help build out a better public narrative around Defi, DAOs, and Mango.

I believe that now is the time to start shaping that narrative for the next cycle.

Crypto and Defi from a general public perspective is so skewed, probably more towards the negative, around gambling, scams, grifters etc, the list of negatives is endless…

I wholeheartedly believe that with some good efforts in the story telling content area, we could benefit greatly, both as a DAO within the space, but also the industry as a whole.

To help share Mango’s own story, and help shape the narrative of the greater decentralized finance ecosystem, we are working on a documentary style content piece for the DAO.

We’re currently in the process of creating a roughly 15 minute documentary on the inception of Mango from the perspective of its first contributors, Daffy and Max.

The story behind the best fruit in the world.

Frankly, we should be creating our own narrative, not letting others create it for us, this is the way.

This mini content piece is the first piece of that greater puzzle…

The process has already started. We have done planning and pre-production already with both Max and Daffy, and we’ll be going into the production phase to start filming August 2nd, 2022 in SF with Daffy. We’re still planning the filming date with Max but tentatively set for the 11th of August in Mexico.

Our hope is to get this mini docu out in tandem with the release of the next version of Mango.


I’m one of the original contributors to the Mango DAO and the cheif cap officer for our beloved MCAPS, I’ve been here since the inception. I’m currently helping with design, web and marketing things.

Kyle is just starting to work with the DAO and is a beginner into crypto but a fifteen year vet in video, content production, and more importantly, story telling. He has worked on projects ranging from short-form docs to Hollywood films, and loves the power of story to connect people, and broaden perspectives.

He is indeed inspired by the communal work and experimental nature of DOAs and looking forward to learning more while sharing it with others

I can vouch, he is the perfect person for this gig.

Our goal is to tell the story of Mango, highlight the experimental nature of DAOs, and bring a brighter light to our industry through the power of good storytelling and quality content for general public consumption.

We are asking the DAO for a budget of 16.5k to help facilitate the remainder of this project through to release and cover any current expenses already incurred (travel booked).

Budget Requested:

If anyone has any objections or concerns please do share, I don’t think this will be a disputed proposal but I may be wrong?

The budget is pretty straight forward. Kyle will be receiving payment for work (time/editing), we’re getting reimbursed for equipment needed. I will be working with Kyle for free and any unused funds will likely be spent on weed and hookers.

Hahaha jk on that last part.

-a Toxic Mangooo


This sounds like a great idea and the budget seems very reasonable. Is there a link to any of Kyle’s previous work somewhere?

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For sure!

Video links- Story Producer:
Physician Wellbeing - Physician Well-Being and Lifestyle Medicine | ACLM Story Project - YouTube
Hire Punks - I Hire Punks on Vimeo
Surviving Cancer - Surviving Cancer: Shared Medical Appointments - ACLM Story Project - YouTube
Fletcher Gulch - NRCS Fletcher Gulch on Vimeo

Hes a great photog too:


This sounds great, that’s definitely a story worth documenting and the budget seems really reasonable.

Looking forward to seeing it in all it’s glory!

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