Ongoing RPC Services

Mango Markets is using six (6) RPC servers from Triton One.

Currently, Max is paying the invoices and should be reimbursed for the expense. The fee is $1,800/server/month which reflects a $200/server/month discount from the standard price.

The DAO should authorize reimbursement for the RPC costs.

Additionally, consider some authorization for the management team to add resources on short notice as needed.


I guess we should reimburse him for past and provide buffer for x amount of future months or?

Are the rates and usage going to be predictable and same?

I would recommend to provide a future buffer of at least 6 months

The per-server rates are steady. Allocating 6 months in advance is a great idea.

Can the DAO pay you directly? i’d prefer not to have to wire money around all the time.

This is definitely something I think the DAO should be responsible for going forward and reimbursement of past expenses is fair.

I don’t know too much about Triton One, but having the DAO pay out directly to them if they accept USDC (or would be open to) would be good. I imagine there might need to be some sort of uptime oracle though so that in the event they don’t provide services as contracted, they don’t receive payment.

Yes, the DAO can pay directly via USDC-SPL.