Mangolorians | Analytics & historical data for Mango Markets

Hey everyone,

I’m @waterquarks, I work in data science for a large derivs CEX and would like to share what I’ve been working on this week in close collaboration with Klossie from GM.

It’s an app that currently provides order book analytics & historical data for Mango Markets.

To test the project, please visit - explanations are attached to every step of the user flow, alongside links to the most relevant parts of the source code.

What we’ve built so far we did to help traders monitor liquidity and other metrics on a historical/real-time basis. This usually would’ve required building out a bit of tech - this project aims to provide that tech and some insights for Mango Markets in particular.

I’m eager to know what the community thinks of the project as it is now and what would be good next steps regarding building data infra: we look forward to developing more for Mango.


Hi @waterquarks - I’m a big fan of this dashboard and generally anything that helps traders make better-informed decisions. I happen to work for a company that specializes in on-chain data & analytics and would love to explore a possible collaboration if you are open to it. DMs are open!


Great idea! It would be nice to be able to get such data via the API to build algorithmic trading models. And it is necessary to make similar data on the mango spot market.

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Hey folks, just adding my 2c in here, has been great working with WaterQuarks to build this project up - which provides accurate metrics for everyone & anyone, data for anyone & everyone and that’s ultimately what sophisticated traders require in order to figure out if a market works with particular strategies / what the activity is like.

Plan to work more heavily with Water on serum data, comparing to other dex’s, proving Mango’s dominance & essentially being the one-stop mango data shop.