Mango Markets Liquidity Mining & Emissions Dashboard

Brief Summary

Multifarm plans to use the grant to create an in-depth analytics dashboard focused on MANGO emissions & Liquidity mining. This will allow the team to make informed decisions when tweaking emissions rates to certain pools This can end up saving Mango Markets vast amounts of money (in the form of saved emissions).


In the spirit of transparency, we are approaching the Mango Markets community in order for us to gain their feedback on this proposal. We have already been in chats with Adrian from the Mango Markets team but we would like to open the conversation to the proverbial floor.

Our plan is to use a grant to create an in-depth analytics dashboard to display imperative metrics surrounding Mango Market’s emissions & liquidity mining.

Multifarm will more effectively illustrate the information on volume and funding rates by developing the current dashboard for the policy team to show analytics on liquidity mining. This will include scenario analysis, showing current emissions, current liquidity, how emissions affect the depth of liquidity, and how slippage can be improved.

We also can offer liquidity audits, here we will breakdown the stats around Emissions v Liquidity received. Some protocols are paying millions in emissions but extremely inefficiently. As emissions are considered an expense, we can help Mango Markets save considerable amounts of money through optimizing their emissions.

The goal is to make it easier for the team to compare different emission schedules using historical depth of liquidity. With that, equipping the team to iron out any inefficiencies that could adversely affect the treasury over time.

Thus, further incentivising the market makers to lock up their $MNGO which in turn will positively impact the long-term sustainability of emissions. We will also endeavour to break down how emissions can be split between all the new assets to come in v4 (soon to be released). This new implementation will be extremely lucrative for Mango Markets & optimizing emissions is key.

We will create a superior product for the Mango Market team & community to be able to effectively visualize & understand essential information surrounding their liquidity mining program. The Mango Market team will have access to critical data that will help them further in their endeavours and provide a solid database from which to work.

Our partnership offers developer support to the Mango Market team, to help offload the stress & workload of creating a custom analytics dashboard. Therefore allowing the Mango Market team to focus on core developments.

We also offer co-marketing for Mango Marketing. This will include reaching out to our respective audiences & engaging over Discord, Twitter & Medium, for example. We believe in creating a long-lasting relationship with partners in the space and will endeavour to contribute to that relationship & spread awareness.

Here are some metrics that would be included in the dashboard:


  • MNGO Total Supply
  • MNGO emission per day (24hr, 7d, 30d, 90d, 1yr, Max)
  • Asset TVL per Pool
  • Pool APR (Daily Risk/Reward)
  • Current Max Depth
  • Proposed Max Depth
  • Max Leverage
  • Current Risk
  • Proposed Risk
  • Current MNGO per Hour
  • Proposed MNGO per Hour
  • USD/h
  • USD/day
  • Income vs Expense (Income vs Emissions generated)

Milestones & Cost Projection

Initial Design Phase

We will prepare the overall dashboard design in the Design Phase. This also includes the whole planning of the process and setting up project and task management to have a good process for the consecutive steps. The design will follow the Mango Markets brand.


  • Design sections of the dashboard
  • Optimize the design and iteration upon feedback
  • Setup Project Plan for moving forward


  • Get the first draft in Figma to have a first design version ready for the team feedback
  • Get a finalised design which will be used for the consecutive phase to build out the dashboard
  • Project plan for consecutive phases Time: 1-2 weeks

Head Count:

  • 1 Senior UX-Designer (Full-Time)
  • 1 Project Manager (Part-Time)

Cost Estimate (Net): $3,000.00

Dashboard Development - Frontend

In this phase we are developing the entire frontend/UX which will be hosted on a separate website.

We will use the Figma from above and develop the actual front-end for it. Upon finalization, we will provide a demo. It will be populated mostly with dummy data since the data extraction will be done in the last milestone.


  • Developing UX for the above-mentioned metrics
  • Provide a Frontend Demo
  • Integrate blockchain metrics (as much as possible without backend)
  • Integrate general stats
  • Start setting up backend


  • Provide a Test Page
  • Testing and iteration Time: 2 weeks


  • 1 Frontend Dev
  • 1 Full Stack Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager

Cost Estimate (Net): $7,000.00

Dashboard Development - Backend

In this phase we will gather and integrate all available on-chain data from the relevant sources into a central database to be displayed in the dashboard. We will set up an entire backend infrastructure. Custom data metrics for the protocol are provided by the Mango Markets team. We can inject those metrics into the dashboard and visualize them across several charts and graphs.


  • Integrate protocol-specific metrics
  • Blockchain Data Extraction
  • Calculations
  • Endpoint Development
  • Testing and Finalization


  • Finalize Dashboard with the Data as described in the subtasks
  • Finalize Endpoints
  • Final Testing Time: 2.5 weeks


  • 1 Smart Contract Engineer
  • 1 Frontend Dev
  • 1 Lead Backend Dev
  • 1 Project Manager

Cost Estimate (Net): $15,000.00
Sum Cost Estimate (Net): $25,00.00

Below you can find a link to a figma from a Mango Market mockup we made, this is subject to change.

About Multifarm

Multifarm offers a full-stack service to create treasury dashboards and custom dashboards for blockchain protocols.

  • 300k+ Active Monthly Users
  • 20+ Dashboard Clients (DAOs and Protocols)
  • 600 million USD treasury value managed by Multifarm Treasury Solution
  • Support Yield Farming Data for 300+ Farms
  • Support for all EVM chains + Solana
  • Scalable Technology through API and Data Visualization

The Multifarm Dashboard technology is trusted by top brands such as Olympus DAO, Polygon DAO, Maia DAO, and Alchemix. Our dashboards are easy to understand, fully customizable and benefit protocols and users alike.

Our vision is to play a fundamental role in building reporting and analytics infrastructure across all chains with the goal of becoming known as an industry leader in the space. We aim to achieve this ambition by optimizing the value added by our services. This includes our flagship product, the treasury dashboard, as well as professional data visualization for DeFi (Yields, Emissions, Bribing optimization, etc.)

We believe that data visualization plays an important role in the core decision-making process and that every protocol can benefit from a more sophisticated reporting standard.

What’s your experience with CLOB dexes?

(post deleted by author)

GM ser,

Our team at Multifarm are quite familiar with CLOB DEXs.

In fact, one of our core team members programmed market-making bots for early DeFi DEX IDEX & bridged liquidity from CEXs to DEXs (Binance, HitBTC to IDEX).

We have also been trading on CLOB DEXs before the AMM novelty was brought into popularity.

All of this combined with our recent knowledge/experience with DeFi data science has us knowing that we handle this quite well.

What issues with the current dashboards are you trying to fix?

We do note the Realms DAO dashboard but that does not necessarily focus on all the metrics we put forth.

For example, we are focusing this dashboard on liquidity incentives for pools; not on vesting for $MNGO.

Essentially, we want to provide a dashboard that will help your team to make emissions decisions on pools. You will get an overview of emissions v liquidity (one of many metrics) for every pool & be able to tweak emissions here & there. This can & has saved millions of dollars of expenses (emissions) for protocols.

At the end of the day; we are striving for greater transparency with the dashboard so we think our goals align there.

There are currently no meaningful emissions on pools of any kind planned.

Noted, Ser but again, that is but one aspect of the dashboard.

We offer in-depth analysis into the pools and allow for insights around Income (for example) which can be extremely beneficial for investors & your community