Mango Heroes: Implement NFT Leaderboard and Trading "Trollbox"

The Mango Heroes team is working on the PFP project with multiple phases the bring value to the Mango Markets ecosystem. One of those ways we are looking to implement the NFTs (not just a Mango NFT) is as the face of users on the trading leaderboard and for use as an avatar in a trollbox chat similar to that of Bybit. We think creating an ecosystem and community around traders will bring a greater user base to the platform. Ideally we see Mango Heroes as an adjunct. Users could day trade on one window while talking to other traders, engaging in conversation and games in the other window.
We hope to get out a proof of concept on the leaderboard by the end of this week and the early stages of the 2D game development as well. The collateralized NFT concept is still early in figuring out logistics on that one.


Would be pumped for this!

I don’t know if there was ever any further development in this, but, I think it’s a fantastic idea. I find myself at times feeling quite nostalgic for the days of the old school Bitmex trollbox – and one of the things that I have personally been looking forward to/hoping for someone to build it is a ‘social trading’ style environment. Will be eyeing any potential updates on this with excitement.

Sorry, we’ve been busy getting ready for the launch and sharing on other platforms. I posted this in the Mango Markets Discord as well.

Our public repo for things we are building is here: Mango Heroes · GitHub

Screenshot of Trollbox:

Screen Capture of NFT Integration: NFT Avatar Integration of Mango Heroes NFT into Mango Markets UI - YouTube

I’ll try to grab a screen Capture of the Trollbox in live action for you.

The Medium article I’m writing is getting longer and longer but will have that published soon here as well.

The Mango Heroes Project is all about growing the community and all the proceeds from the mint are going back into paying the developers and artists that want to build this application small and big from troll box to Mango Hero in the metaverse.

I try to push out a lot of our updates on Twitter here:

Or in the discord: Mango Heroes