Mango Financial Report: Initial Release

The first release of Mango’s financial report is now available. See summary slides and full financial model with details and projections. The report features a detailed breakdown of all revenue and expenses since the protocol’s inception plus treasury value and expenses.

It is an important step towards transparency and improved financial planning for the community. The report will be updated on a monthly basis going forward.

We encourage all community members to review these materials. The documents are a work in progress and we welcome any suggestions for additional data or dashboards. This topic is also a good place to ask any questions or make suggestions for Mango’s reporting and transparency roadmap.


This is super cool to see - well done!

Is there any additional info on the Mango Labs spending that I’m missing? It generally seems well within the budget–is that something we expect to see continue? I assume the “Security” expense is some type of audit?

Did you already review the entity level breakdown in the spreadsheet? The triangles are comments with details and you are correct the $235k is for Neodyme audit.

Re: projections of Lab’s spending going forward, that is hard to say with certainty right now. We are working to get better feedback on expected spending. For the DAO in aggregate, I think current trends are directionally accurate but specific line items or entities can be quite lumpy (like the audit expense demonstrates).

New presentation is available with data through July. Most relevant section to review is the July update (slides 3-8). I’ve added some KPI-style data that will be interesting to monitor on a monthly basis.

Open for suggestions on additional KPIs or other data for inclusion that will increase the utility of the presentation.

Q3 report is now available.