Long term sustainibility of the protocol

I wonder if the dao should fund somebody to prototype mango lite on Arbitrum or StarkEx or any other L1+L2 chain if solana is unable to scale to match mango’s growing needs in long term


Good idea, important to figure out though, if the mission has a chance of success and what the scope should be. Also important to know that these kinds of cross-chain efforts often lead to forks, when teams get held back by the mainnet DAO. Example to learn from here could be Curve and Saber.

I’m personally trying to figure out if starknet can actually handle on-chain order books. From what i heard dydx does only execute orders on starkex, matching is done off-l2.

re: scope - I am actually wondering if just even a basic presence would be good to start with, maybe provide swap and 1-click bridging to mango on solana e.g. from starkex or arbitrum

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