Kickstart for Mango Markets Chinese Community

I’m @FTX_Benson, FTX community partner and an early investor of the Solana ecosystem, and here I am partnering with @kowei , the co-founder of Solana Taiwan Community to write this post.

We’re both big Mango fans and think the importance of Mango Market, the critical money lego and OG project of Solana, is under-estimated in Asia, hence we decided to help the Mango team to build up the Mango Chinese community.

Things we have done:

  1. Translated the V3 git book documentation into Chinese
  2. Set up Mango Chinese telegram group (created 2 days ago and now has 1000+ community members)
  3. Hosted a general Mango intro AMA in the telegram group (we’ll publish the summary article both in English and Chinese in the near future.)

Things we plan to do:

  1. Translate more materials into Chinese (e.g.:Daffy’s podcast with Anatoly)
  2. Host a text AMA with Mango Team in the telegram group
  3. Create market making tutorials for normal users

We’re just saying hello to all the Mango community here. If you have any advice or comments, feel free to reply below or DM our twitter.

Pardon us. Not sure this should be posted here, but it seems that there is no better place for the post.


I am really excited to collaborate with @FTX_Benson to start the Mango Markets Chinese Community ::star_struck:


Awesome to see the Chinese-language community embracing Mango. The growth of the telegram group in the past couple days has been incredible and I’m happy to see active discussion there after months of mostly crickets in the 中文discord channel. Translating and maintaining the docs is a big job so huge thanks to yall for taking that on as well. 歡迎你們加入MangoDAO! :heart:


Also, I’m the one who has been translating the UI, so if you have any suggestions, let me know👍