Increase number of parallel proposal per user to 10

A lot of the operations we pass through governance require multiple votes due to the way the program is structured, we would like to increase the limit from 1 to 10 open proposals per user. Seems to me to be a good compromise between ability of individual contributors to push a lot of efforts in parallel.


I think this is a good idea. Reduces friction and turn around time for innovating.

I think it’s a good idea, but we should be careful when lowering the proposal amount required that there is not a situation where there is such an overflow of proposals that the overhead for people to track and do due diligence on them is too high.

It even is a security risk because people can sneak in proposals, not make much noise, and may slip under the radar.

Issue I see is spamming of proposals, increasing effort to separate wheat from chaff for community, can be countered by technical solutions like

  • better UX,
  • linking public identify of proposal creator (can be pseudoanonymous, can be verified/vouched by another public figure)
  • increasing min. amount of tokens required to open a proposal
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One suggestion tho is maybe spread the proposals out a bit more in a way that allows proposals that may have a greater impact to be voted on. For example, I placed all my MNGO into the SBR proposal cause really care about that, but I would also like to vote on the Fund Insurance Vault cause I think that’s pretty important. Albeit both look like they’re gonna reach quorum, but in another situation we may not be able to vote on multiple important issues.

You can vote with all your tokens on every proposal.


What if instead of increasing the min-proposal, introducing a proposal would lock out your tokens. I feel like anyone should be able to propose a vote with as few as 500k MNGO tokens, but they shouldn’t be able to propose 10 with 500k tokens, they should need 5mm.