Incentivize creation of a market maker-focused tool

Originally from this discussion on incentivization.

If we want full-time market makers, we should make sure they have the tools they need. I don’t expect we’re going to have market makers clicking on our UI, so likely something like Ichibot would be ideal.

Daffy mentioned we’re waiting on MNGO to unlock (can’t link, because new user), but meanwhile I thought I’d get the discussion going.

I think at this point market makers have all the tools they need. There’s a simple API by @microwavedcola, there’s a whole python codebase with examples & actual market maker code anyone can run by @OpinionatedGeek .

The bottom line is one of the big boys has to just come on over.

I take it you mean this market-making bot, right?

I’m personally not even thinking about the Alamedas of the world here - I’m thinking about lowering the barrier of entry for individuals, who don’t want to click on buttons or have to learn to code.

I think that something like Ichi, which among other things allows you to batch create and modify orders, would likely go a long way.


Didn’t a Mango V3 API project just win an award in the Solana Hackathon?

I’d say to have a little more patience and we could have something at the same level for the docs you find on Centralised Exchanges.

I’m gonna link to a thread for a grant proposal for a integration with Mango: Mango integration for Hummingbot - #9 by dipfit

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Looked into Hummingbot. I’ve yet to try it, but it doesn’t seem like a one-man show, and has a bunch of contributors adding code here and there.

That might be a better option than building something ichi-like. I’ll report back if I do have time to try it.