Improving the liquidator program UI

Hey there

Disclaimer i m luna solana mango user

I have been using kujira on luna and trying the liquidator program on mango
i think a mango setup is ok, a bit dry if don’t have some Linux skills, so it kind of entry barrier and restricted ability to attract and magnet capitals funds

To be honest Bid on liquidated assets, instead of the kujira is more user friendly

Can guys allocate funds in the future for growth to attract more funds and capital with a UI for the liquidators?

I like the diplomatic approach of the mango dev team.
I m thinking to attract capital growth and value
I not here to shitpost or distract.

Make the parties jointly and severally liable for the consequences of the accord, In the event of success or failure.
Characterize the promises, the envisaged sharing of information, the reciprocal commitments, the commitments to consult each other before subsequent decisions.
Accepting the risk, even the certainty, that the partner will win more than oneself if this is a condition for the win.

The most ambitious aspect of a win-win approach is to assure everyone that to maximize their gain.
They must make their partners win and provide them with transparent information.
Convinced signatories are not enough.
They must then carefully consider the communications and arguments in the process.

Thank you @mschneider for the hard work