Grants for Governance Development Q4/2021

In order to accelerate the development of the Solana Governance Program, I asked a few developers to join our efforts and help with it throughout Q4 2021.

Adrian ( has been working part-time on the UI until the end of 2021 and ported over a lot of the missing features we needed in close collaboration with Sebastian from Solana. In order to reward his work (adrian.txt · GitHub) I’d like to propose for the DAO to award Adrian with a grant of $10,000 USDC as well as 80,000 MNGO locked for 1 year from his start in October.

Hana ( did an independent security review of the governance program v2. You can read the report here: dao-report.txt · GitHub I’d like to propose for the DAO to award Hana with a grant of $7,500 USDC.