Grant for rjpeterson

Hey Mango DAO,

I’d like to request a grant for some of the work I’ve been doing and plan to continue into the future for Mango which I’ve summarized below:

Mango UI v3
-implement next-i18next localization framework into existing UI
-identify & add translation tags for >1000 text nodes in UI
-collect text nodes into ~615 unique phrases & organize by location in UI
-translate ~3000 words into traditional and simplified Chinese
-continually monitor mango-ui-v3 repo for changes that require translation
-make adjustments to UI styling where necessary for proper display of Chinese characters
-assist other translators in understanding context of localization keys, and usage of next-i18next
-I’m unsure of user numbers but the Chinese language Mango Telegram group currently has 1470 members

Mango Markets Watch
-develop browser extension for monitoring interest & funding rates as well as mango account health & balance
-currently ~150 active users

Chinese language Discord
-monitor and provide support in Chinese language discord channel


Hey rjpeterson, thank you for your initiative to translate Mango, I have seen a lot of users enjoy the localized version. I’m sure it has a big impact on their quality of experience when trading on Mango, I’d like to propose an award of 500,000 MNGO locked for 5 years.


Hi Max, I just want to ask if this is a gradual monthly unlock or a cliff-style unlock after 5 years?

Really appreciate the Mango Markets Watch, that’s an amazing plug in !!!

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Based on the previous proposal, the grant should be a gradual monthly unlock.

yes, sorry for the unclarity, monthly unlock


Got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I’d be happy with the proposed amount vested monthly.