Grant for Mango Sharp

Hello Mango DAO,

Some of you know me best as @hoakbuilds from twitter or @murlokito on github due to my work within the Solana .NET developer community, having been co-creator of Solnet (blockmountain · GitHub), the equivalent of Solana’s web3.js for .NET, and also a host of other libraries like Solnet.Serum and Solnet.Pyth.

I’ve been using Mango since Aug/Sept, I believe, and started building with Mango back during the Ignition hackathon when we built the very minimum MVP of Project Citadel, which featured integration of Mango Spot margin markets by using the library Solnet.Mango which I hacked together in 3 days during the same hackathon.

Since then I realized there were many issues with said library, after some needed in-depth debugging during December and a nearly complete rewriting (Adding test suite and fixing errors in calculations and edge cases (#28) · bmresearch/Solnet.Mango@8ff9738 · GitHub) of the library in January I released a much more reliable v1 in early February and have continued to maintain the library, adding features and providing support.

Some of the support I’ve provided most recently during February has been helping onboard new MMs into Mango, this support included releasing a client for the Sequence Enforcer program using the Solnet.Anchor code generation tool that my brother (& Solnet co-creator) built, adding support for Mango’s historical data services etc.

We’ve been working closely with the Mango team which has been paramount in getting the library to a production ready state and wish to keep doing so moving forward by supporting features and a library for v4. With this in mind I am applying for a grant from the DAO for the work that has been done and will be done in the future.

PS: Apologies for the lack of links, new users on the forum can only post two links in a single post, the projects mentioned in here can all be found in the GitHub organization linked at the top of the post


I got a lot of positive feedback from different users working with mango sharp. It became one of the most important ways for traders to connect to Mango in the recent months. I recommend 1M MNGO vested for 5 years for the work of integrating project citadel and mango sharp with future versions of mango for each brother, as well as a one-time payment of 25,000 USDC to account for the work since the last hackathon.

You should also consider reaching out to project serum for a grant, i’m sure your work should be valued by their DAO too.


I’d propose 25k USDC + 1m MNGO in total (as opposed to the 2m that Max proposed). I’d also like to know how we can hold you accountable over the long run. What kind of support exactly will you provide going forward and under what conditions would it be OK to terminate the grant?

I’m open to just getting on a call to discuss this btw

As it stands I’ve been maintaining the library and providing support both on the Mango discord and on several tg channels that have been setup with firms that are actively using it / looking to integrate it.
The library itself is one of the core dependencies of the Mango integration into Project Citadel, so it is in my best interest to keep maintaining it and providing support for it as best as I can.
As for accountability and under what conditions would it be ok to terminate the grant, I would think it best if it were stipulated in some way by the DAO.

Also happy to hop on a call and discuss this.

Regardless of exact amount agreed upon here, it makes me happy to see builders like @hoak and @a.brzezinski being rewarded for innovating and pushing the space forward. I think we all need to do our best to encourage more of this. Thank you for putting the work in!

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