Grant for mango CIS community

I am glad to welcome the wonderful mangoDAO!

I, @YakovByakov, am requesting a grant to support what has been done in the process of creation and will also be done under my supervision for the mango CIS community.

A little about myself: I represent a large friendly family of the CIS crypto community, united by various interests. Our main focus is trade automation and capital management - hamster-bot - which has been operating on centralized exchanges since 2018 (more than 10 are now available).
In view of the prevailing trend towards decentralization, we decided to develop our systems in this direction, using the first real fully functional decentralized crypto exchange -!)

What’s done:
* writing review articles, comparisons with other exchanges and instructions on mango (5 large articles for 20 minutes of reading here (;
* placement of a series of articles on additional media sources (telegram groups of our communities, Twitter, information sites, TradingView (ranked in the top 5 in the CIS in crypto, since 2017))
general list:

-Telegram: Contact @bothamster
-Telegram: Contact @investteamhmbt
-Telegram: Contact @phoenixxmbt
-Telegram: Contact @phoenixfundpro
-Telegram: Contact @roboteve
-Telegram: Contact @bitmextrue
-Telegram: Contact @morethanchat
-Telegram: Contact @TradeLinkOfficial
-Telegram: Contact @budushee_deneg
-Telegram: Contact @BEST_of_Tu
-Telegram: Contact @cryptonarnianews
-Trader ROBO_Trading — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView exchange — Блог на
-Санкции: Куда податься криптонавтам? ТОП DeFi бирж | Пикабу
coverage of more than 35,000 users;
* creation of a separate telegram chat and channel for the CIS
-Telegram: Contact @mangomarkets_CIS;
* translation of Mango V3 into Russian;

What’s in the process:
* connecting our automated trading system to mango (the process is not fast, but work is already actively underway), and each mango user will be able to use unique automated trading strategies for free, as well as add their own strategy, or join capital management (read more)

What will be done:
* Support for newly created mango documentation in the form of translations
* Maintaining the mango CIS community;
* Distribution of newly created media information on our resources with coverage of more than 35,000 users;
* Mango V4 translation (when it will be released);
* Translate mango documents into Russian, in GitBook, approximately 30 thousand words;
* We will focus on the development of business and trading volumes on mango, among our community, in which you have a huge network. You can get acquainted with the annual report on our management here (this does not include independent bot users, with no less volumes);
*Planned to participate in the Solana hackathon closer to the end (trading bot).

I consider adequate payments of $ 6,000 per month for creating a team for a year, continuing to create a community, events at thematic crypto expos.
I also think that the allocation of 500,000 MANGO linearly distributed for 5 years will be adequate to maintain the entire information community, update and maintain document support, as well as hamster-bot trading tools.

Thank you for your time and trust, and we will be happy to answer any questions!


Hey Mango Dao,

As a quick background, I’ve worked with Yakov for the past few years (and months on Mango) and seen his work in the CEX space, of which he has begun adapting it for Mango. This is a pretty mammoth task and one that Yakov was happy to undertake given our relationship. Yakov runs one of the largest copy trading bot platforms globally and we’re eventually going to have those strategies available for anyone to use on Mango Markets, V3 & V4.

As part of growing Mango into the flourishing DEX we all would like to see it become, there are a few core pillars that we need to ensure are in place. This is mostly underway, and the CIS market represents one of these pillars.

As of right now, the cost to reach to 35k users that are already actively trading - would be multitudes greater so I would see this as a straight forward investment for the DAO, not only bringing a highly skilled team onboard but also leveraging the existing success and network.

I support Yakov managing his team & building out both the trading functionalities as well as the community. We have a lot of feedback that we can garner from this group of traders.

As such I fully back this proposal.

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I don’t think the DAO is ready to support another team for a year plus. The DAO can agree on bounties/prizes for specific work that needs done here and pay those out once deciding what the success criteria should be.

There are multiple teams already working for the DAO and the focus should be on improving the coordination between the existing teams before trying to expand.

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In fact, a lot of work has already been done, and a lot is also planned. You can compare the grant request for the CIS community with the request of the Chinese Community. The effect is strictly positive!

I believe that the development of a team covering such a serious and active community in the CIS, which is also associated with trade automation, is no less important stage in the development of mango than establishing communications within existing teams.

After all, the exchange is needed so that it is convenient to trade on it, and so that the trader has the opportunity to trade longer and more without losing the deposit! In this regard, what we do in the form of educational material and trade automation is at the forefront in the CIS.

Therefore, I consider the support of the grant for the CIS community a justified step for mango DAO.

Hey Yakov, just some quick feedback:

I quickly looked at above telegram groups and I couldn’t find the articles described posted there. Also the pikabu link seems to be to a regular post on a Russian version of reddit. It’s very hard to understand how the post or the groups reach 35,000 users.

From what I understand your contributions so far were funded by GM, and a lot of work is in progress. It’s easier to discuss work going forward once there is a strong track record built through mutually beneficial collaboration.

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Let me explain, our global community is built in such a way that it is not necessary to post every information in all resources, users often follow all groups and are in all. Their interests are diversified by different streams of information, and we touch them in different ways. Posts about mangoes arise in our information space not necessarily and not directly about the article, and with a hyperlink (to a direct link, maybe because they are not visible), somewhere we are talking about automatic trading on mangoes, somewhere possible about buying MNGO (in Tradingview). That’s how it happens.

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I think the proposal is mixing two goals in one post.
For the CIS telegram community(700ppl), the Russian documentation translation and all the community related effort(like a few nice long posts), MangoDAO can follow the case of Mango Chinese community to provide a grant for 12K USDC for the first year and 600,000 MNGO linearly vest for five years.

For the trading bot (hamster bot) and the trading view, I believe it should be a independent proposal. Maybe one day the project can be an independent project like Cellfi.


thank you for your support and good suggestion! we will adjust my request, provide a grant of 12 thousand US dollars during the first year and 600,000 MNGO linearly for five years.

@kowei for this to work, as per @tyler 's feedback, it would mean that you guys work together with @YaokvByakov so that the CIS community and CN community are on par & synchronized. We can combine our team calls and regarding success metrics - I would place them on par.

If you’re happy with this I believe the core team will be more comfortable with this proposal.


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