Grant for Mango Chinese Community

Hey MangoDAO,

We (@FTX_Benson and @kowei) are requesting the grant for what has been done and what we are planning to do in the future for the Mango Chinese Community.

Mango Document Translation

  • Translate Daffy’s fruitful podcast with Anatoly into Chinese version, about 7,000 words
  • Translate the whole Mango V3 and FAQ docs into Chinese version, about 10,000 words
  • Update the Chinese docs on a monthly basis to keep it up to date with the protocol (examples like TIF order, token lock, affiliation link and so on)
  • Future works: we will translate the Mango v4 document once it’s available and at the same time keep updating the gitbook every month.

We think 12,000 USDC is reasonable as compensation for the translating work.

Mango Chinese Community Operation

  • The telegram chat room now has more than 1,500 members, we believe it will be 2000+ by the release of Mango V4.
  • We catch up on the Mango news (mainly on twitter) everyday, and wrap up the governance forum plus the DAO vote on at least a weekly basis. The information will be translated into Chinese and shared with the community.
  • We have done and will keep having a monthly Chinese Community Call in our telegram chat room. It’s mainly about Brian Smith’s mango report and also answers the community’s questions.
  • We have hosted two AMA with medium recaps. The first one is we share our thoughts about Mango (article link), the second one is we invite Daffy to have a text AMA (article link). In general, one AMA will be hosted every quarter.

We believe 600,000 MNGO linearly vest for five years is good and open to discussion (10,000 MNGO/month).

Thank you for your reading and we are happy to answer any questions

Benson and Kowei


I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Benson and Kowei and have full confidence in their ability to continue building out the Asia community

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we need more support for Chinese platphoom. Go Go Benson/Kowei

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I like the proposal and feel it’s a worthwhile ‘investment’.

Hey Mango DAO,
We want to update about what we (Mango Chinese Community) do in the past half year.

Mango Chinese Medium and Documentation

  • We host one text AMA with GM team and publish the recap as Medium article this July

  • We keep the Mango V3 Chinese docs up to date every month.

Mango Chinese Community Operation

  • We share the posts on governance forum, the DAO vote and the mango related news(from Twitter or Discord) with the community on a daily basis, and we indeed have a monthly call with the Mango Chinese Community to update about the Brian Smith’s mango report and the dev calls.

  • I(Kowei) share about Mango to the Sudo Research Labs during their Research Seminar this 09/16.

  • We apply a 3000 USD grant from GM team to implement a trading competition in the Mango Chinese Community this September for new user acquisition. We collaborate with the Benson trading desk and the SolanaTW community to acquire more than 300 sign up. (Benson referral dashboard, SolanaTW referral dashboard)

  • Due to a serious incident, the origin Mango Chinese Community community telegram chatroom was wiped out in the 09/27 midnight. To prevent such horrible situation happened again, we have created a new telegram chatroom with more anti-spam bots and more mods. Now we have bring back 200 members.

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