Grant for ImpossiblePairs

Hey everyone,

I started contributing in June 2021 working on small bugs that I found because of the Trello boards Mango posted (recommend this as a great place to start if you’re looking to contribute). Slowly I attached myself to larger items like the cumulative orderbook size and margin calculator v2 with the help of dboures and sam. I also fixed whatever little things I came across along the way.

Once I got some more confidence with the Mango UI, I decided to try a few bigger items which resulted in the Tradingview chart orderlines and order modifications, and more recently the Risk Calculator for V3. These took a fair bit of time and effort on my part, but I really enjoyed the process and the feedback that the Mango team and community gave so that I could make it better.

In terms of what I’d like to work on, it’s to keep these features up-to-date and also:

  • Expand the functionality of the orderlines - Add buys and sells, average entries, toggable label alignment, etc. so it closer and closer the what a CEX typically has. I have some ideas
  • Update the Risk Calculator so that users can use natural language to add/remove positions e.g. “Add 10 BTC Short at 42,000” and have the calculator do all the math in the background to make it more user friendly
  • Stop and Go-Again transactions
  • Work on Mango Slice

And in general, help wherever I can.

I’ve had a great time and experience with Mango, and I’d love to continue having input and influence on what it evolves to be over the coming years.

As for the proposed grant, I’m not sure what to ask for, but I trust the Mango Team/DAO on this.

Thanks for your consideration and feedback :slight_smile:


Hi ImpossiblePairs, always happy to see your contributions to mango ui. As you continue to improve your skills and ramp up contributions, I’d like to propose 250,000 MNGO locked for 5 years as an initial grant.


I :heart: the risk calculator, imo should be in every new version of Mango. This grant is well earned.

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