Grant for governance work

Hello everyone

I started working part-time on the governance UI in September 2021. Since January I have been the only frontend engineer contributing to the realms project full-time and incorporated various changes to it on requests from other Mango contributors. I’d like to continue to improve Mango DAO through further contributions to spl governance as needed to support the day to day operations of Mango DAO. In addition I’m looking forward to build a deeper integration of the governance functionality into the core exchange product to increase community participation.

I would like to request the DAO to award me with a grant of $11,500 USDC/month for 1 year
and 6,000,000 MNGO vested over 5 years.


Thank you for your continued support Adrian, fully support this proposal.

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Hey Adrian, I’m fine with the amounts you listed, but I think we should set up a proper accountability mechanism so we can all be aware of what’s expected and under what conditions the grant can be clawed back.

Here are some things that made a bit weary about approving this proposal:

  1. governance ui is fairly hard to work with even today.
  2. Most of the Mango governance instructions weren’t implemented as of Saturday.
  3. It’s not clear who will evaluate and judge your performance.

Much of this may be mine or Max’s fault for not setting expectations. So can you come up with a more concrete proposal about this? Here’s what I would propose as your duties:

  1. Make sure the Mango related aspects of governance UI is fully functional and easy to use (Sam will help as necessary). This includes updating it when there are changes to Mango itself or the governance program
  2. Add more sweet features after (1) is satisfactorily complete
  3. Do the annoying proposals once a week if requested by other members (but this shouldn’t be hard if (1) is done well)

And I propose that you have weekly one on ones with Max to help with coordination. And perhaps initially Max can give an evaluation of the performance once a month to me.

I hate to become bureaucratic, but there’s also massive downside if expectations are unclear and everybody’s unhappy. I hope my framework still leaves a lot of freedom to experiment! Let me know what you think and if we should amend this.

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Hello, of course i understand that and in terms of clawback i think it’s clear that i work exclusively for mango and its full time job so clawbacks conditions are like in normal contract - whenever either party wishes to terminate the contract.

    1. It was mentioned and noted before but there was no time to do that yet i was implementing other things that was more urgent for example - lock tokens plugin.

Most of requests was features but if we want to emphasise ui use first we can do it + we can do some call and note things that are hard to use because not everything that i would say is hard can be hard for other people and the other way round

  1. I would say it could be Max and i think he is doing it because mostly i cooperates with him.

And one question here what do you understand by performance because it can have different meaning to different people.

Im ok with that but we need to remember that i’m not working on that ui from begging and many people are contributing to the repo it will take some time to fix some things and i can’t split up so there will be no new things in that time. Ofc as i mentioned above we would need to write things that we want to improve so it would be clear too.

I talk with Max regularly so its ok for me.

Ofc we would need to ask Max too what he thinks.