Grant for candle api and other work

Hello everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a developer who has been intermittently contributing to Mango since v2. I’m writing to ask for a grant for contributions made since Solana Breakpoint (described below).

1. Migrate Candle Service to TimescaleDB

What was done: I migrated the service that provides candles to the UI to a Timescale Database and rewrote some of the api code as necessary. Example endpoint:

Future: As Mango grows and more markets are added, I plan to continue maintaining and extending this service

Credits: Big thanks to Max for help with the initial development

2. Markets API

What was done: Created an api that provides current market data for listed markets on Mango. Example:

Future: Similar to the candles api, I expect to maintain this as Mango grows

3. Mango Blender: (Riptide hackathon entry and work in progress) that allows multiple users to pool funds into a delegated Mango account: GitHub - dboures/mango-blender.

As far as compensation goes, I am happy to take whatever the DAO proposes. Working on Mango has been a great experience thus far, and I look forward to contributing even more in the future as I continue to improve as a developer.


Worked with dboures for nearly a year now, as he mentioned, he has built and maintained the service that powers the candle charts, as well as the recently released markets page. The data these apis provide, are essential to the user experience for Mango, so I would like him to continue to provide these in the future as well. If no one has objections, i’d like to propose 500,000 MNGO monthly vested over 5 years.

For the DAO as a whole, it would be very beneficial, if a working group would form around this effort. Real-time as well as historic market data is vital to an exchange and requires a lot of manpower and infrastructure, hence should have a serious budget allocated. It also simplifies the current process where a lot of individuals are asking for grants themselves, which is fine in the short-term but really causes a lot of overhead. It would be great if both dboures as well as @waterquarks could come to the next meetup 03/31 so we can discuss more how such a group could be organized.


I think Max hit the nail on the head.

The candle and data wrangling are super important to the UX and he’s done an amazing job with them. He’s also been willing to help me whenever I’ve asked.

This grant is well deserved.