Grant for Aniket Prajapati

I want to propose a grant for Aniket Prajapati. Aniket has been working part-time since December while completing his engineering courses simultaneously. He has primarily participated in the development of Lite-rpc GitHub - blockworks-foundation/lite-rpc: This is a solana lite rpc which optimizes sending transactions and confirming transactions strategies. for mangolana grant. He actively participates in the discussion and is very knowledgeable for his age, which makes him a valued team member. He is also a member of SuperTeam India and has been helping to promote Mango Markets in India. I want to reward his efforts and encourage his good work by giving him a grant of 300K MNGO linearly vest for five years.

  • Contributions and Development: I’m honored by the grant proposal, recognizing my work on the Lite-Rpc project. Collaborating with @godmodegalactus we built Lite-Rpc from scratch, optimizing system efficiency through Prometheus monitoring and Postgres integration. Presently, I’m part of the mangolana team, working on the upcoming rpcv2. This effort aims to lower system resources and costs while boosting TPS and reliability.

  • Migration and Performance: I successfully led the migration of Solana’s Core Jsonrpc Server to Jsonrpsee, enhancing both system reliability and performance. These endeavors directly contributed to increased TPS, improved Rpc reliability, and reduced system load.

  • Proposed Grant: The proposed grant of 300K MNGO, vesting linearly over five years, is a motivating recognition of my commitment and contributions to the Solana ecosystem.

  • Future Goals: I’m enthusiastic about continuing my journey of growth and innovation, furthering my dedication to the Solana ecosystem. This grant serves as inspiration for me to make even more impactful contributions in the years ahead.