Grant Application - pan

Dear Mango DAO,

I am writing to request a grant for continued development contributions to the Mango core product. I have been working on Mango in various capacities since just after the initial alpha launch in March 2021.

Here is some background on some of my contributions so far:

  • V1/V2 liquidator and basic platform stats
  • V2 (5 token) contract development and testing
  • V3 contract/client development and testing
  • V3 liquidator/keeper development and maintenance
  • Various UI contributions
  • Supporting users, developers, and integration partners

And some of the key areas I plan to focus my time on in the future include:

  • Internal platform health metrics, centralised logging, alerting systems including on-call response
  • Creating a realistic testnet environment for testing the impact of new Solana features on Mango
  • V4 development and operations/devops

This work has been some of the most challenging but fulfilling I have undertaken. As an active member of the team, I have thoroughly enjoyed providing value to the DAO and learning from and working with my teammates, and I would love to continue this.

To that end I am requesting a grant of $10,500 per month for a period of one year, with a clawback option for the DAO and some responsibilities, milestones, and KPIs agreed with the team. This will allow me to support myself financially while continuing this work, which I believe adds great value to the project.

Thank you for your consideration. Please don’t hesitate to comment or reach out if you have any questions.

Best Regards,



Fully support this proposal, have been very closely with pan for more than a year, he’s one of the longest contributors to the project.

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Full support from me its great to cooperate with pan

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Would love to see pan get this proposal approved. He’s super approachable, has added a bunch of value and I have no doubt he’ll continue doing so.

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