Grant Application - Ellie

Hi Mango DAO,

I’m writing to request a grant of $25,000 USD (paid out in USDC would be fine) for my work on a governance rewards plugin. You can view my work here and here.

This is work that I did consulting with Max and Sebastian. I’ve been working on it more or less full time for something like 4-6 weeks. The state of the project is mostly finished, but I have an ongoing commitment to shepherd it through final comments, auditing, and integration.

I will hopefully also be recieving a grant from Solana Grants for this work.

Ellie High


Some background on the features: this program allows distributing tokens directly to token holders by vote weight, which makes it compatible both with token voting as well as NFT voting, hence Sebastian and I thought it would be best to split the grant 50/50 between Solana Foudation and Mango.

Based on the feedback in #governance there are a few variations possible:

  1. different settlement mechanisms: cranked claim, manual claim, claim as proposal
  2. multiple distribution tokens: allow voters to configure a preferred distribution token

This will allow various use cases from distributing protocol revenue, airdrops to active governance participants or to distribute the whole treasury to token holders in case a token is trading below NAV and DAO wants to disband.