GM <> Mango update

Continuing the discussion from Grant for GM <> Mango Markets

We had a fantastic MEV camp in Lisbon with all the key players in the Sol trading space pre-FTX blow up but also touched on a particular topic with Max & some of the core team regarding GM & Mango going forward given there is currently no live project to work on actively from a liquidity & trading perspective.

Q3 of the initial deal was meant to start at the beginning of November but it doesn’t make much sense for the DAO to be compensating / contracting the GM team in full if there is no product / revenues and even more so given my opinion against launching V3S here: Deploy Mango 3S - #11 by klossie5

As such, I’m going to step away from Mango until there is V4 live and a sufficient environment where I can add value. @waterquarks would like to remain on in a part time fashion working on comms/support, client libs, the data pipelines for V4 so that Mangolorians is ready, likely some OpenBook work too.

Therefore I would like to propose that the existing grant is reduced by 91.5% effective as of Nov 1 to save the DAO from unnecessary spending (so this month should not be distributed - presume we need a vote to go out before the end of the month @a.brzezinski ) and picked back up at a later point when V4 is live and the value of the work is aligned with the grant.