Event organization during Solana Breakpoint conference

During Lisbon I organized a few events for the Mango DAO, for which I request a grant from the DAO.

  1. A co-working space from 11/1 to 11/19 for core contributors to work and colaborate with other Solana community members
  2. The “SOL time high” party together with PsyOptions as well as CMS at “the Flat”, which was planned as a happy hour starting at 6pm, but was extended until 3am as everyone was having a great time on the dance floor.
  3. The Happy DAO-r an event for all Solana DAOs to connect.

I spent in total EUR 14,173.89, details here, so roughly 16,000 USD for everything and would like to be re-imbursed.

I was supported by Milena, who was working me for two weeks on planning, booking and management of the event on-site in Lisbon. Without her support this wouldn’t have been possible and I’d like to request a grant of 50,000 MNGO locked for 1 year for her contribution to the DAO.


The PsyOptions Foundation will pitch in for at least 1/3 of the SOL Time High party!


Please put up the gov proposal. I’ll vote in favor

@tomjohn1028 @cody please settle you share of the cost directly with the DAO treasury: 4PdEyhrV3gaUj4ffwjKGXBLo42jF2CQCCBoXenwCRWXf

guys trust me you really wanna cancel this, it’s really bad PR. Distribute the cost privately among founders.
just want your best.


Sorry I don’t get the negative aspect. Can you elaborate?

I support the reimbursement. I didn’t attend but think it was good PR

This is probably one of the easiest 100x ROI’s you could get from use of the DAO funds. I fully support this.

The co-working space alone would be worth the expense because getting all those Mangos in one place is a rare opportunity for most of the team to get together and vibe whilst also getting things done. It’s the kind of stuff that builds conviction and motivates.

The party and happy DAO-r were also great places to make connections and talk about opportunities in a fun/relaxed setting.

In any traditional business, this would be covered under team building or marketing expenses, so it feels like it’s appropriate that the DAO would pay for this.


1/3 from CMS sent


1/3 from PsyOptions

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