Escrow for Ideas

There are many requests for grants and some of them sound great, however, what do we know about the grantees?

What I am proposing is that a grant will be held in escrow and the grantee will receive an interest free loan (grant) and once certain milestones are met, the loan will be forgiven. The grantee will have to have “skin in the game” and put up collateral . Unfortunately, trust is lacking in this space and we need to find a way to appreciate contributions and protect ourselves from the dishonest.

A grantee must lay out their roadmap.
Once a segment is achieved, money will be released. Pier review.
If a segment is not achieved, money will not be released.
If there is a delay, the money released will be reduced.

This is an idea and further discussion is necessary how to create incentives for contributors while protecting investors.

I think it is a fair concern that people will get grants and then stop doing the work. However I don’t think requiring collateral for periodic payments is a great solution. I can see two problems. 1. It precludes people with low net worth from receiving grants. 2. In the case of MNGO grants, the grant USD value can fluctuate significantly so how would the appropriate collateral amount be determined?