Errors when intiating account

Hi, I’m new to all of this but I have set up a Phantom wallet, which I have put SOL into and now I’m trying to create a Mango account. When I try to transfer the SOL from the wallet, I get the following error message:

Could not perform init mango account and deposit operation: Transaction failed: Mango: InitMangoAccount

I have also been on Discord to ask for help but I am faced with another error, “Whoops Unable to accept invite” from Mango Markets.

So this is more asking for help rather than providing feedback although perhaps this has unearthed a glitch?


Hi! You need to leave at least 0.035 SOL in your wallet to open a Mango margin account. Not sure about the Discord error though, are you sure you’re using the correct link?

Hi dbshck, that worked! Thanks for your help.