Country not allowed

I’ve been using Mango Markets smoothly for a few months. I just encountered an odd behavior. The order entry button says “Country Not Allowed”. Why?


Hi, @pan has posted this in the discord, hope it helps:

If you’re seeing ‘Country not allowed’ when trying to trade:

  1. Check your country is not in this list: mango-ui-v3/useIpAddress.tsx at main · blockworks-foundation/mango-ui-v3 · GitHub
  2. If you think you should be able to trade and still cannot, disable you adblocker and/or Brave shields and try again.

Background: A service we use for geolocating IP addresses has somehow made it into adblock filter lists. Brave should be pushing an update shortly to rectify this.


Yes. That’s helpful. Thank you. I used the Close feature. Then I withdrew my collateral. Then I sold all my MNGO. And now I’ll search for a decentralized trading solution. Brave is making the correct choice. Do you know if Mango Markets is using the same geolocation service as the Communist Party of China?

The Devs are doing what they have to do to comply with local laws. You are free to either spin up the front-end locally where you can change the code to ignore IP addresses, or write your own front-end into the smart contracts. Mango has open-sourced all the code so it’s actually very easy. The beauty of it all being on the blockchain is that no-one can stop you.

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Oops. I didn’t realize. Thanks. I apologize for my previous post.

When you say “local laws”; where is local? (I can’t imagine all the Devs are in the same place.)

I mean this in the best way possible: do not confuse “decentralized” with “anything goes”. You can be decentralized and still have limits. If any developer has a known identity and any exposure to the US, it makes sense for them to avoid running afoul of their own local laws.

In a fully decentralized system, I’d expect these limits to be set by the DAO. If you still had MNGO, you could probably make a proposal and test that theory.

That service can also return incorrect results. For example, IP2Location thinks that many Mullvad servers are in the US, when they’re actually where they say they are.