Bring back the risk calculator <3

Maybe in the account page?

We Like The Mango


I think it’s alright, happy to take feedback in every channel. Risk Calculator is hard to build, you know anyone who can do it?

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I think I know a guy…


Maybe remove the reference to the Risk Calculator from the docs in the meantime? Or say it’s not available? I kept looking for it like an idiot after I saw it in the docs :slight_smile:

its close to being finished: Risk calculator v3 by ImpossiblePairs · Pull Request #79 · blockworks-foundation/mango-ui-v3 · GitHub

Unfortunately it’s not a feature that can be rushed in as it needs to be able to help people with their decision making process.

There’s a lot more moving parts to consider this time around, so there’s a lot more to check. Sorry it’s taking as long as it has, but it’s coming soon™!