Affiliate Program with WAGBOIS (

Hey there, Mango family - I’m reaching out to the community to discuss a collaboration with the WAGBOIS team. First, a little background:

→ We’re a small team who began building on Solana with funds from our own pockets. The PPG, or Price Prediction Game was our first product, but we’ve recently pivoted to a DOG - Decentralized Options Game, to cater to individuals who want traditional-esque type options on Solana. This product will be available on Monday :slight_smile:

→ After our free mint, we built our second product, the BoiBook, which has received over 15,000 USD in bets in under 72 hours. We’re here for the long haul & will provide the most value to the Solana ecosystem, at any means, but nonetheless, we want to grow our audience.

I am proposing an affiliate program to the community:

Mango Markets treasury will receive 5% referral revenue (when your users win they get 100% of the winnings & Mango Markets treasury get’s 5% winnings bonus). Please feel free to discuss, family.