About the Listings category

This category is used for discussion around newly-proposed collateral types and markets that should be added to Mango.

The current version of Mango is a pool based system, similar to Aave & Compound in nature. Solvency of any token can affect the solvency of the whole platform. As every token addition can be used as collateral it increases the total risk of the protocol. The main risks we are trying to protect against are the following:

  1. Liquidations: The decentralized operators of liquidators need to be able to efficiently liquidate positions across all collateral types while generating profit for the operator as incentive. The correct choice of risk parameters in accordance with the liquidity available in various exchanges on Solana but most notably on Serum is important. The configuration for the currently listed tokens is documented here: Token Specs - Mango Markets

  2. Demand & Supply imbalance: The interest rate curve for each token needs to be configured in order to allow for the interest rate to scale with current market rates.

  3. Counter-party risk: Large funds of any listed token, which would be able to severly impact the market stability of an asset need to be verified. An example for this would be the Mango DAO treasury that is currently holding 9bn MNGO.